Digital Nomads: What to Know Before You Go Global — Kate Sortino

Advice for digital nomads

First things first: Be very, very careful about international regulations regarding your job.

A few things to consider as you transition WFH to DN:

- You are not going to find high-speed Internet in many, many places. Particularly less expensive countries. Particularly in short-term rentals. There definitely are some places that are equipped for this! But this is not a global standard. Strolling I’ve been to Thailand and expecting your $4 a night hostel to have 120 Mbps upload speeds is silly, and banking your job on that is even sillier. If high-speed internet is really important to your job, I suggest finding local backups so you aren’t relying on the place you’re staying or the cafe you’re working in.



Alaskan living abroad. Aspiring idiot.

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