My digital nomad setup: 6 essentials (and 4 things to avoid)

Digital nomad desk setup — hardware

The tools that I use for the best travel computer setup when working from remote coffee shops, coworking spaces, and hotels.

Digital nomad setup — accessories

Some people work with just a laptop. I do not.

Things I’ve tried that did not work for my digital nomad setup

Lepow portable monitor — I’m super sad that I spent so much money on this. I kept reading about how helpful it would be to have a second monitor, so I bit the bullet and spent almost $200 on this portable monitor. Not only doesn’t require a ton of cords to use and draw power from your computer or require a separate wired wall plugin, but the resolution also isn’t even really that good. It’s a hassle to set up and the image quality makes this thing essentially pointless to me. I’d rather not use a second monitor than use this monitor, and every time I’ve taken this thing anywhere, I never actually use it.


You certainly don’t need the most high-tech gear to have a fantastic digital nomad work setup. Finding what works for you and your needs is key, and will largely depend on the type of work you do.

What is your digital nomad setup? Disagree with any of our picks? Share below! 👇



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